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Monday, June 26, 2006

Women in the male-dominated society

Some days ago, in one local newspaper, I read an article about a woman—in her forties—killed her husband. When being interrogated by the police, she didn’t show any regret; instead, she said she felt relieved. Simply she said, during their marriage for 17 years, the husband did a lot of violence to her. She didn’t attack him back. However, in the last “fight”, her husband tried to kill her; therefore she had to fight back. And she killed him using a big stone hit to his head.

Another news stated that a twenty-year-old boy killed his stepfather who married his mother two years ago. His reason was he didn’t have a heart to see his stepfather did violence to his mother all the time during their two-year marriage.

Why didn’t the first woman divorce her husband if he always did violence to her? I think the reason was simple: the “myth” planted to people’s mind that people are supposed to get married only once in their life if they want to be considered as “good” people, and also, “good” woman must submit to her husband.

Why did the second woman remarry? To live “single” after the first husband died or coz of divorce is not easy for women here. Society will keep an eye to this kind of women. Other women will be suspicious in case these “single” women would steal their husband. To avoid this, many women choose to remarry, even though the man is violent.

One workmate of mine whose husband died in the early of 2005 remarried by the end of 2005, with her junior high school friend who happened to be still unemployed. Perhaps it was not easy for her to live single (so that it was not a big deal for my workmate to marry an unemployed.) Most people need a companion to live this life. But perhaps it was also caused by this workmate of mine didn’t feel confident to live single when society view her suspiciously (and other women show suspicious look feeling worried if she would steal their husband.)

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