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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Hypocrisy of Marriage

One article I got from a mailing list I join. It was taken from a newspaper in Ryadh.

Gulf News (Riyadh)June 16, 2006

'Marriage gangs' prey on youths.

Mariam Al Hakeem, Correspondent

Riyadh -- With the beginning of the summer holidays, a large number
of Arabs, especially from the Gulf states, are traveling to tourist
destinations in various parts of the world, especially in the Far East,
looking to enjoy themselves and relax.

Most of them want to enjoy their holidays in picturesque places,
Visiting historical monuments and taking in the culture.

Some of them, however, will want to take advantage of the opportunity
to try out temporary marriages. They prefer Indonesia over other countries, mainly because of the low cost of living there.

This has resulted in the mushrooming of marriage bureaus in Jakarta and
other major Indonesian cities in recent years.

Organized gangs have also grown up who prey on Arab tourists and try to
lure them with promises of low-cost marriages and then cheating them.

Several Saudi youths, who became prey to these gangs, shared their
Bitter experiences with Gulf News.

They were lured by the false promises of the gang members of "marriages
to beautiful young women under 18 at cheap rates."

In most cases, their brides abandoned them and ran away within few days
of the marriage.

When they then contacted the marriage bureaus, the employees washed
their hands of blame saying that it was not their responsibility to
ensure that their brides stayed with them.

According to the youths, who declined to be named, marriage 'mafias'
Are common in Jakarta, and their activities pivot mainly around places that Arabs frequent.

The gang members introduce themselves as representatives of licensed
marriage bureaus and offer marriage proposals.

The marriage ceremonies are then held at marriage bureaus in the
presence of a licensed marriage notary and two witnesses. The dowry normally ranges between two to three million Indonesian Rupiah (Dh1,000-1,500).

One of the Saudi youths, who was cheated by the gangs, told Gulf News:
"While I was taking my meals at an Arab restaurant in Jakarta, I heard
some young men asking whether anybody wanted to get married to beautiful young girls. I did not pay any attention to them in the beginning.

"When they repeated the offer for the third time, I was interested and
expressed my willingness.

"They then took me to a marriage bureau and I was introduced to a man
called Haider.

"After a short while, Haider paraded five young women in front of me
and asked me to select one. When I had chosen one of them and agreed on
a dowry of four million rupiah (Dh1,468), the marriage notary appeared
with witnesses and solemnised the marriage ceremony," he said.

"When I took my bride to a nearby hotel, she was clearly bewildered.
While I was trying to be friendly with her, she asked me if she could
go out to the nearby pharmacy to buy some medicine and I agreed
not knowing that she would never return," the young man said.

The same was the case with another Saudi youth but with a slight
difference. He went to the marriage bureau and told the story of his
wife's disappearance.

The bureau staff members promised to help him find her. On leaving
the building, he saw his bride going into the same office in the
company of some other girls in order to be paraded in front of the new

When he tried to stop her, the security guards held him and the door
was slammed shut.

Some of the Saudi victims managed to lodge complaints with the police.

A policeman was sent with the youths to the marriage bureau in search
of Haider but the police could not trace him and the staff at the
bureau told the police that he was not "in sight".

My comment:
It shows how people just play on marriages. First, those guys who are greedy for sex. Then, they are just made use by women who need money. Third, those "bureous" to get profit as much as possible from this "hidden" prostitute case.
How much are they sure that God likes this kind of thing? They just ABUSE God's verse.

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