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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Alquran versus Alhadith

In Islam, Muslim people believe in two written things--the Holy Book Alquran (contains the verses Prophet Muhammad got from God) and Alhadith (contains everything done and said by Prophet Muhammad during his life.) FYI, Alhadith was written many hundred years after Prophet Muhammad passed away. During his life, Prophet Muhammad himself prohibited people to write anything he did and said in a book, coz he was worried if then Muslim people would concentrate more on Alhadith rather than Alquran.

And in fact what Prophet Muhammad worried really came true. Many selfish people tend to believe in what they find in Alhadith rather than what is written in Alquran.

The article I read about polygamy yesterday showed that. The blogger quoted some hadits and ignored the verses in Alquran.

However, when some scholars in Islam invite Muslim to believe in Alquran only, or basing their opinion on the verses in Alquran more than in Alhadith, some other selfish scholars in Islam judge them as "lost Ulama" coz not believing in Alhadith.

Well, yes, people tend to be selfish and interpret everything for their own benefit.


jiwakitamerdeka said...

Some people tends to be selfish and interpret everything for their own benefit. A very dangerous thing to do in anything, especially on Islam. That's why we should seek the Truth for the sake of th Truth.

May be you have met an learned & expert on Usul Fiqh....ask her or him about this.

jiwakitamerdeka said...

Allah SWT menyebut perihal ini di dalam firmanNya melalui surah al-Ahzab ayat 21:
"Sesungguhnya telah ada pada diri Rasulullah (SAW) contoh teladan (uswah) yang baik bagi kamu. Iaitu bagi mereka yang meletakkan harapnya kepada Allah dan Hari Akhirat, serta berkeadaan sentiasa mengingatiNya.”
Let's follow our idol i.e. Rasulullah for his way is pleased by Allah. As simple as that.