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Thursday, May 18, 2006

About Polygamy

Some months ago, a male workmate of mine said, related to the issue of poligamy, "I am wondering why women object to their husband's having the second, third, or fourth wives. Don't they realize that we, men, want to reduce their burden? To do household chores, to take care of children, and absolutely, to serve us, men, as their husbands. Isn't poligamy a good policy to help women?"

I commented coolly, "Sir, we, women, also want to help your burden to earn money to support the household. There is the most practical way to do it. Let us find another husband. By having two breadwinners in the family, it will really reduce your burden, right? You don't need to work hard only to buy us a big house, a luxurious car, furniture, bla bla bla ..."

My female workmates appaluded me. LOL. That particular male workmate, who proposed the idea to 'reduce burden' just smiled annoyedly. LOL. The other male workmates didn't give any comment.

Some time later, a male workmate said, "Are you sure that you are 'strong' enough to serve your husbands in bed?

I responded, "Have you ever heard 'obat kuat' for women? Not yet, right? It is always for men. Why? Because, we women, are strong enough..." LOL.

So, guys, don't be selfish to create any reason to propose poligamy. We all know, in this 21st century, men do poligamy only to celebrate their libido, very different from the time when Prophet Muhammad lived. Okay?

P.S: If you know about viagra for women produced recently, it is not to improve the power of women when having sex, but it is used to help women to reach their orgasm. It means that not all men can make their sex partners always reach the climax. Mostly it is because men are selfish to think of their own satisfaction and not their partners.

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jiwakitamerdeka said...

As partners, men and women should help each other for a glorious end : Syurga Allah di akhirat. Jangan sombong mengatakan diri lebih kuat....hujungnya mati juga.