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Friday, March 03, 2006

Why people go online?

Why people go online?

“To fulfill what they lack in their real life. This cyber world offers a lot to them.” This was the answer of my online lover I had in 1999-2001.

No wonder if then we find a lot of people fake their identity, to “realize” their dream, that they are “someone they want to be if they can choose to be born again in this world”, including following the standard of “ideal” constructed by society. People who are already married sometimes want to say that they are still single coz they probably dream to be still single so that they are free to have new boyfriends/girlfriends again. People who are still single, but coz their age is considered to be mature enough to be married (again to follow society’s standard ideal of getting married at certain age bracket), perhaps they will say that they are already married. And these two kinds of people will live in their dream world, being happy in their imagination when going online before they go back to their reality and face the bitterness.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Of course there is nothing wrong with that as long as they don’t harm other people. Living in this harsh world, everybody has right to be happy, including if they have to live in “delusive world” behind cyber world’s screen. They just “harm” themselves coz such happiness doesn’t work for a long time. “At least, I can enjoy some time in this bitter life of mine,” perhaps will be their “weapon to answer.

Well is there long lasting happiness in this world, anyway?

I have a workmate, female, more than thirty years old, who is still single. My other workmates and I all know that she is really obsessed to marry a foreigner. We are not really sure though why she has such an obsession. We all agree that she is arrogant, view herself as better person than the others. (Ups … I don’t mean to be judgmental, but this is really what I heard when my workmates talked to me.) Besides, I remember once she said that no single Indonesian guy deserves to get her. uhh … (I am really sorry to say that, my fellow male citizen. LOL.)

We have to admit that indeed some, or perhaps many people get their soul mates via this cyber world. But we cannot close our eyes from the fact that many players are wandering in this faked world. They just want to play. (Oh well, there are many players too in the real world, aren’t there?)

I seldom meet this workmate of mine recently due to the different teaching schedule. Yesterday, another workmate of mine told me that this “snobbish” workmate seemed uncomfortable with the fact that she is still single despite her “quite mature to get married” age.

It made me remember some years ago, she often talked about her foreign boyfriends she got from the cyber world who were crazy for her, who wanted to marry her. However, until now none of them came to
Indonesia. Well, for some people, not having a boyfriend/girlfriend can be something quite embarrassing (not ‘sold out” yet. LOL.). Including to this workmate of mine, I believe. So, she talked to people around her that she had a boyfriend (or boyfriends) living abroad. She lives in her delusive world.

How about me myself?

Well, by writing a lot via blogs, I feel like I already become a writer. LOL. Indeed, I want to be a writer. Still trying to start writing my first novel. LOL. Wish me luck, will ya?


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