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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sucking Commercials

Living in Indonesia with so many commercials on media about what women are supposed to do to attract men, how to be considered “true women”, it is practically difficult for women to get rid of themselves from those bombardments. No matter we often hear wise statement that inner beauty is more important than just physical things. But, how many women are confident to be different? How many women are confident to think that living single is okay? To think that having children is not the sole goal to get married? To think that having plump bodies are attractive too? To think that pursuing career and study as high as we can is fine? Why should we limit ourselves only coz women are already married so that we must give the first priority to pursue career and study only to men? Should we, as women, stay home and deal with only “cooking, washing, and serving in bed” after getting married?

I very seldom watch TV coz I always find a lot of commercials ridiculous. I really don’t have a heart to see women—my folks—only have roles as a homemaker, as a cook, or attract the opposite sex only with their “long, straight, shiny hair” (the typical of beautiful hair in Indonesia nowadays) or with “white and spotless complexion” or make their husbands love them coz those women “provide the best menu at home” or “save money coz using some certain products” (don’t forget those women get their money from their husbands! That’s why they deserve to be praised when they can save money.)

If I happen to sit before a television when having meals with my only daughter, I cannot stop commenting until she complained, “Mama, will you stop commenting?” My response was, “Oh honey, I just hope that you will not grow with those silly ideas planted on your mind by those ridiculous commercials that you will attract boys only with your hair or complexion. I’d prefer you to attract guys with your brain, with your good nature.”

Again, do I sound a judgmental person again, thinking that people who value beautiful hair and complexion are just brainless? Ups … :no:

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