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Friday, March 03, 2006


Do you believe in Karma?

Well, as a Muslim, I don’t think I remember if I was taught to believe in karma. (I refer to my elementary school years where I studied in an Islamic school. I don’t remember if karma exists in Islam.) I only remember that if we do “good” to others, God will give us the luxury of heaven later. On the contrary, if we do “bad” to others, of course we will go to hell.

But, in the reality, many people believe in karma. Perhaps coz heaven and hell are still too “far” out there, people need to “see” something real. For example, when a good friend of mine cheated her hubby by having a boyfriend, she told me that she would just understand if later on her hubby also has a girlfriend. She only expected that her hubby told her the truth when it really happens. I don’t know why.

When a woman scolded me last year coz I messaged her hubby, she said, “Don’t you believe in karma? You do this to me, another woman will do this to your hubby.” Frankly speaking, I didn’t really give a damn on what she said to me coz I didn’t really mind if that happens. It is fair, isn’t it? LOL. I even thought, “If karma really exists, it will not happen to me like what she said, but it even will come to her hubby. Who can guarantee that one day she will not cheat her hubby? LOL. Naughty me, eh? LOL. But, again, who will guarantee that something will happen or something will not happen in the future?

In the beginning of January this year, I talked about this karma thing to another friend of mine. Well, FYI, she told me that she is a Buddhist though she is also a churchgoer, to respect her Christian hubby. As a Buddhist, of course she believes in karma. I “shot” her by saying, “If you cheat your hubby by having dates with those guys, the karma is, your hubby also does the same thing, having dates with girls.” well, perhaps it was hurtful to hear such a thing, but, I am just honest to say that. “You are really cynical, Nana.” That was her comment. My response was, “I am cynical, yes, but I am telling the truth. Truth is sometimes hurtful, isn’t it?” Then, she went on saying, “But, as far as I know, karma will happen to the offspring. For example it will happen to my children?” Goodness! She even expected her children to get “punished” for what she has done?

One thing I remember very well about Islamic teaching, apart from the fact that now I have become very secular, that we will get the “fruit” for what we have done in our life, and not anybody else.

“The message” was clear, for me. I want that friend of mine to realize that if she cheats her hubby, her hubby will cheat her. But, I think she couldn’t read that message.

Well, though I don’t really believe in karma, I believe that we have to be responsible for what we have done. In the entire life of mine for more than 37 years now, I NEVER betray any good friend of mine. Not yet. LOL. So, when this Buddhist friend betrayed me, is there any other thing I expect that she will be betrayed too by someone else later on? She will get the “fruit” for what she has done to me.

Though people say that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, life is not easy either, right? It needs hard struggle to live as what we expect.


triesti said...

i know this post is old.. but i just noticed it. i think u have a ddhist teaching karma refers to intention/motivation of an action. so what happen in the future is up to you

"I am the owner of my karma .
I inherit my karma.
I am born of my karma.
I am related to my karma.
I live supported by my karma.
Whatever karma I create, whether good or evil, that I shall inherit."
The Buddha, Anguttara Nikaya V.57 - Upajjhatthana Sutta

A Feminist Blog said...

Thanks a million for the quote, Triesti. Btw, I want to ask your opinion about a friend's opinion that what the mother does, her children will get the result. If it is related to 'karma', does it mean that the mother plans what will happen in the future in her children's life?

triesti said...

man, i wrote long answer and it's gone.. no thanks to blogger!

anyway.. in Buddhist teaching there's such a thing as inherited karma (good and bad; see quote above), but u never know when, or what kind you gonna get it. You can pay for your own karma, or your child or even your grandchild pay for your karma.

so, when it comes to that.. just remember this:
"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
Unknown source"

before doing anything, think about the consequences of that action for you and for your offspring.

meanwhile, a couple of days ago this lady told me that according Islamic teaching if your daughter marries someone from different religion, both she and you, as parents, live in sin. But as far as I understand about islam, You are only responsible for your own deed, and no one else but you. So what she said it's like 180degrees different than Buddhist teaching.

I am more into the Buddhist way of thinking about this. But I dont see it as you are planning for your kids to pay for what you did, but more in the sense of you are responsible for their well being in the future. And biologically in a way it's is also proven, your grandchildren are more weaker than others if you were at one point malnutriced.