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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A romantic feminist => it's me

Well, at first when opening this blog, I planned only to post some articles of mine related to my being feminist.

However, today, suddenly I got tempted to post some love poems of mine here too. Anyway, besides a feminist, I am also romantic. :)

FYI, a good friend of mine said that I am a foolishly loyal lover. Read it carefully, A FOOLISHLY LOYAL LOVER. Do you understand that? Ups ... :D

She knew me for the first time in 1999. I was not a feminist yet at that time, just a conventional woman :P She saw me as a very loyal lover to my then online lover of mine from California.
Then, she moved out of town in 2003 while I myself continued my study in "student city" of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. This study of mine changed me to be a feminist. (How I love my study very much!)

Living in two different cities, with our respective busy activities, indeed, made us not easy to meet and talk. Instead, we, (mostly I) sent letters to each other, due to her internet illiteracy. :P And she was astonished to know that I have become a new creature--A FEMINIST. She barely recognized me that I am Nana she used to know closely. :)

However, when I told her that a guy made me fall in love, and I let her read some love emails I sent to this lover of mine (imagine => I printed my love emails to my lover, and sent her the printout so that she could follow my life here, :D, I don't need to write her more letters only to tell her what has happened to me). And she said, "I am wondering why you have changed from a conventional Nana to be a feminist, but you dont change from a loyal lover to be, well, to be not loyal lover?" LOL.

I never answered that question but saying, "You know my nature, I am a loyal lover." :P

Well, I suppose, the answer is this.

I grew up in a very religious Muslim family. I was indoctrinated that women are number two after men; that women's body is the source of sin therefore women must cover all their body; that more women go to hell than men coz women are sinful, that women can be the cause of men's fall, bla bla bla ...

As a rebellious person, I was very sad to know that. But I didn't think that I had power to "oppose" it. I assumed that THAT IS WHAT AL-QURAN SAID, meaning that is really from God.

However, after knowing feminism ideology, and also some knowledge I got from my master's degree study, I knew the answer. That is not really from God, however, the MISINTERPRETATION done by selfish men, I started to rebel. I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER of the questions I asked myself since I was a kid!!!

And as my being loyal lover, well, perhaps it is indeed my nature. :DD

and coz for that good friend of mine being loyal is foolish, LOL, she added the word "foolishly". In her yes, I am really a foolishly loyal lover. :DD

Goodness, I don't mind it anyway.

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