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Thursday, August 24, 2006

True love, anyone?

Do you believe in true love?

Several days ago, Siti Nurhaliza, one diva from Malaysia who is also popular in Indonesia got married. (I also wrote about her some months ago, in one post of mine here.) I never really feel interested in knowing anything that happens to celebrities. However, since my workmates talked about this for some days, it made me want to write something on it. (what the hell made my workmates gossiped such a trivial thing?)

Many people seem to feel sorry why Siti married a divorced man with some children. In Indonesian culture, people tend to think that a single girl marries a single boy (meaning both of them haven’t got married yet.); divorced women marry divorced men. What a shame if a single girl/boy marries someone who is divorced or whose ex spouse has passed away. A single girl/boy is supposed to be considered as still ‘virgin’; and there is a consensus in Indonesian culture (perhaps I can call it as overt culture here) that a virgin marries a virgin. People will talk about it ‘hotly’ if the consensus is broken. More hotly again if a divorced woman or widow marries a single boy (meaning a boy/man who isn’t married yet) It is more acceptable when a divorced man or widower marries a single girl.
Similar as a case where a woman marries a younger man. The couple are also considered as breaking the consensus so that they deserve to be gossiped. LOL. (The consensus says that a man marries a younger woman! LOL.)

Going back about Siti Nurhaliza’s marriage. My workmates said, “What is Siti Nurhaliza looking for by marrying a divorced man? She will not get a ‘virgin’, LOL. Money? As a popular diva, she must have lots of money. Moreover, the man is much older than Siti. (The best different age gap is around 3-5 years old here.)

Another workmate tried suggesting an answer, “But her husband is very very wealthy!”

And the crowd commented, “Oh, in fact that adorable Siti Nurhaliza is just a materialistic girl!”

In the middle of noisy ‘gossiping’ in the teachers’ room, I kept quiet; not interested to involve myself. But, then, I said to a good workmate of mine, “Aha … I will write this topic for my blog!” LOL. LOL.

For Siti Nurhaliza (I am not her fan though, LOL) or for her fans who happen to read this post, I wish her all the best for her future life—her career and her personal life.

And as romantic person, I assume that true love will not consider whether someone is rich or poor, younger or older, "virgin" or "not virgin", bla bla bla ... LOL. Or as many people are cynical, true love is only consumed by foolish people??? LOL

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But you're gossiping your colleagues here!