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Friday, August 11, 2006

Polygamy Again :(

Some days ago I read a short article about one celebrity in Indonesia. She said that she already got ‘enlightenment’ about practicing polygamy; that it is only for women’s good. She used to be a quite popular singer in 1980s- the early 1990s. After she got married and started wearing hijab, she no longer earned her living by singing. Well, perhaps she also felt that she got ‘enlightenment’ that for women, voice was not supposed to be sold; women’s voice was not supposed for public, coz perhaps it can turn on the opposite sex?

And in Indonesia, as far as I know, the more religious someone is, the more receptive he/she is for any teaching. And in Indonesia, “good” women are related to religious women. Women so much covet to be considered as “good” women (it means religious!) that they are willing to sacrifice their own feeling, by accepting any religious teachings without using their common sense, without being critical.

Going back to the celebrity I mentioned in the beginning of this writing, she even has prepared her two daughters to believe in the “goodness” of polygamy so that they will not disobey it in the future. Unfortunately, the journalist didn’t mention completely the reason why she campaigned on polygamy. One reason: according to the statistics there are more women than men in the world. However, that celebrity forgot to check the age bracket. Since women have tendency to have longer life than men, there are more elderly women rather than elderly men. And of course, it will make the statistics show that there are more women than men. Well, I don’t mean to say that elderly women don’t have right to get married though. However, following the stereotyping, elderly women seldom think of getting married (again). Or am I just a wise-guy?

Anyway, I know this polygamy thing will always have many followers as well as many haters.

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