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Friday, August 11, 2006


Many years ago, Angie’s dad had a friend who changed from being a secular into a religious and saying that he already got ‘enlightenment’. In this case, he was 180 degrees contradictory to me coz I would say exactly on the way around. LOL. From the ‘enlightenment’ he got, he found out that women are domestic creatures while men are public ones. Therefore, he never let his wife go out of the house without him accompanying her coz it was a big sin.

One day I went to his house coz I needed to have Angie’s school uniform made. FYI, he was a tailor. After Angie and I arrived there, he directly asked me to enter the dining room coz the living room was for men. He “preached” to Angie’s dad at that time, “Nana is from a very religious family so that it is easy for her to accept such a rule (read women are domestic and men are public so that they are not supposed to be in the same room). It is different from my wife, it is quite difficult to ‘educate’ her about this religious teachings.”

What a hell … LOL.
And of course, he is ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

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