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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Female judges to hear rape cases in India

Female Judges To hear Rape Cases as India Admits Failure of Legal Systems

I got the above title a friend's post in his blog at
Well, it is a very good and very women-friendly. I am wondering if this will also be applied in Indonesia.
Rape cases in Indonesia, I assume, don't happen as often as in India, where every 29 minutes one woman is raped. My raw interpretation is that India has more population than Indonesia, it means that there are more women too there. More woman means that rape cases likely to happen more often than fewer women.
However, I must say that until now many rape victims in Indonesia don't get help as they need. Women mostly will be considered as the wrong side as the temptress so that the rape happens to them. Some reasons behind it are for example, from what the women wear, from their behavior, attitude, etc. Not many people think that it is cause by the men who cannot control their lust, men who think that women are just sexual objects so that they deserve to do anything they want to do with women.

Many rape cases oftentimes are just secretly kept by the victims or their family coz they don't want to be humiliated more terrible. Some reasons behind this are:
1. Losing virginity (for women who are still single) is still considered a curse. By reporting this case to the police, it means that they openly declare that they are no longer virgin. A disgrace.
2. They are worried if they are considered as temptress so that they will feel more embarrassed.
3. They must face their rapist in the court, something very difficult for them. Moreover when they have to remember again the details of the accident to happen.

There have been many non-governmental organizations for women in Indonesia. Of course, they do make betterment in women's lives; such as giving protection for the rape victims, sometimes give them counselling to cure the mental; sometimes also become the lawyer to help the victims.

Hope life will really be more friendly for women.

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