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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Bali Field Trip (Day 4 & 5)

Day 4 May 3, 2014

The girls seemed very lazy to wake up this morning due to fatigue and sunburn they got from rafting. NAH LO. J Mr.Bob asked us to be ready at 08.30 to leave for Uluwatu. Bella, Ellen, and I went down to the restaurant to have breakfast at 08.00. (Around that time Retno and Cecil were still sleeping in their room.) On the ground floor – where we had our breakfast – they boys already enjoyed their breakfast. Aha ... in fact the boys were very excited for the plan that day : playing water in Water Bom, located not far from our hotel. We planned to go there after we visited Uluwatu.

To Mr. Bob’s disappointment – due to the girls’ fatigue – we eventually left the hotel for Uluwatu 20 minutes later than the plan. Again, due to the fatigue of the girls – and the excitement of the boys for Water Bom – we didn’t really enjoy our visit in Uluwatu. We even didn’t reach the temple located at the highest point. One so-called entertaining but annoying thing happened here: Ms. Kerry’s glasses were taken by one naughty monkey there! J After that event, they both directly left the area, to be back to the mini bus. They gave us 30 more minutes to enjoy our stay. But as I wrote before (due to the girls’ fatigue and the boys’ excitement), we did not spend much time. Soon, we followed Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry to the bus. We headed for the next destination : to be back to Kuta beach area.

One behalf of the girls, I asked Mr. Bob’s permission to be back to the hotel while the boys had fun in Water Bom. Peter, who said that he didn’t feel well, joined us to be back to the hotel. Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry had romantic moment by themselves around the beachwalk. J We arrived at the hotel at 11.45.

Did you know what the girls did in the hotel? Yeah, since they were exhausted, they took a nap! Yay, they spent their holiday in Bali napping in the hotel! LOL. So did Peter. Bella, Ellen and I went back to our room; Retno and Cecil went back to their room; Peter went to his own room. Ellen and I napped, while Bella made herself busy with her phone.

Around 15.00 three of us went out to have our lunch in the restaurant across from the hotel. An hour later we dropped by at Retno + Cecil’s room to invite them to join us swimming; Cecil was napping while Retno was reading a book. We then visited Peter’s room and found out that he was really not healthy: he claimed he was dizzy and his temperature was quite high. After making sure that Peter got his lunch and had some medicine, three of us went to the top floor of the hotel : swimming! Not long after that, Cecil came to join us swimming. J

At 18.30 we were all expected to be on the ground floor to have dinner in the same restaurant – across from the hotel. The boys were already back from Water Bom. Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry eventually found out that Peter was really unwell. Julio claimed to feel unwell too. That made the situation a bit chaotic. Julio’s mom insisted that Julio get traditional treatment (‘dikerokin’) but Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry didn’t approve this kind of thing. So, they called a doctor to come to the hotel to check Peter and Julio’s condition.

After dinner, the girls and I went shopping. We were accompanied by our sweet Vito! Despite the fact that he was exhausted, he was willing to accompany us walking as far as 3 kilometers (6 kilometers back and forth).

We were back to the hotel at 22.00. Bella and Ellen were packing, I directly brushed my teeth and ... went to bed! Sooo tired! J

Day 5 May 4 2014

Time to go back to our respective family in Semarang!

Lazy morning. We didn’t plan to do any activity except packing. We were all ready in the lobby at 10.00. After Mr. Bob finished his business with the hotel (paying the bills), we went to the airport by four taxis. One taxi was charged Rp. 60.000,00. In the airport we saw Revy, one ex student of Permata Bangsa, an ex classmate of Vito, Ryan, and Ellen. J Revy, along with his mom and sister, was also on the way to Semarang.

We left Ngurah Rai international airport at 12.00 WITeng. Bye bye Bali.We’ll miss you.
We arrived at Ahmad Yani international airport Semarang at 12.00 WIB. All students were picked up by their respective family members. Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry were packed up by the school driver, Pak Joko. And Vito brought me home. J

What a very tiring yet exciting and memorable trip!

GG 13.13 07/05/2014 

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