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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Bali field trip (Day 1)

And the D-day came : field trip to Bali. Yeaaayyy ...

The students had been very excited since we planned this trip, a few weeks ago. Therefore, it can be imagined how exciting it was when the D-day came.

(This journal was written from my point of view : one teacher who planned the trip together with the kids, after Ms. Kerry offered us this chance; then Mr. Bob executed the plan, such as booking the plane, the hotel, the whitewater rafing, etc.)

Day 1 : 30 April 2014

When I arrived at Ahmad Yani airport around 07.25, I found Peter, Samuel, Vito, Zulfan, and Alex, also Restu (another teacher to accompany the students) there. Not long afterward, everybody else arrived: both Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry, Retno and Aryo, Bella, Cecil, Ellen, Ryan, and Julio. Mr. Bob checked everybody’s ID card, controlled the weighing of our luggage, then gave us the boarding pass.

We left Ahmad Yani airport at 09.00 WIB; arrived at Ngurah Rai airport at 11.00 WITeng. We needed 4 taxis to bring all of us (16 people) to the hotel. One taxi was charged Rp. 70.000,00.
Although Mr. Bob had booked the rooms since 3 weeks before, we had to wait for more than an hour in the lounge before everything was settled. Together with Bella and Ellen, I was in room 3302 (the third floor).

After checking in in our respective room, ordering food for our lunch in the hotel restaurant (on the top floor), we left for Tanah Lot at 13.00 WITeng. We ate our lunch in the mini bus on the way to Tanah Lot.

To my surprise, Kuta is very crowded. The narrow street with so many vehicles made our way to Tanah Lot take almost one and a half hour.

Tanah Lot is always amazing. However, I didn’t have much time to explore it to my heart’s content. I came here to accompany the students. And ... my personal photographer was not with me so ... yeah ... :D

I didn’t have time to play with water because I brought a camera. I also didn’t have time to come to the temples because i always had to be with the kids. One romantic scene we saw, though, a couple (foreigners) seemed to get married because they were wearing wedding dress. So cute! So romantic! J (But I didn’t take their pictures.)

At 18.00 WITeng we were back to the hotel. Not long after that, we went to Kuta beach, to play with water. J We were lucky, we could reach the beach only by walking in less than 5 minutes from our hotel. J Some boys were swimming; some others were beachcombing, while the girls were busy taking pictures as well as playing with water. J

At 19.00 WITeng, we were back to the hotel, taking shower, then we went out for having dinner, in the restaurant located ... across from the hotel. J The name of the restaurant is F4. The food is yummy!

After dinner, Mr. Bob let us go for a walk to the nearest mall. We were divided into two groups: the girls + Peter and Julio were under my supervision; the other 6 boys (Ryan, Vito, Samuel, Alex, Zulfan, and Aryo) were under Restu’s supervision.

And ... this was what really happened that night. When we arrived at the nearest mall (I dont know the name except there is name PULL & BEAR in one side), we found out that Samuel and Ryan were gone! They walked so fast that we could not follow. Restu and the other boys decided to wander around that mall while waiting for Ryan and Sam to be back to be with them again.
Meanwhile, Retno and Cecil, in fact, made an appointment with Bagus & Irma, two ex students of Permata Bangsa International School, when they were in primary school. J So, this brother and sister accompanied us walking around the mall. To my expectation, Ryan and Sam were already back with their group around 21.30.

We went back to the hotel at 22.15 WITeng, at exact time Mr. Bob asked us to be back. I directly fell asleep while Bella and Ellen went to Retno and Cecil’s room to watch movies. They went back to our room before midnight, I guess. J

To be continued :)

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wow...what a marvellous blog...Thanks for sharing, Ms. Nana...:D