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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Bali Field Trip (Day 3)

Day 3 May 2, 2014


It was a dream come true day for me. J I have wanted to have white water rafting for years and eventually the chance came to me. At first, in fact, rafting was not on our list to do on our field trip. Mr. Bob offered us this and we happily agreed. J

We left the hotel around 09.00 WITeng, after having yummy breakfast. Mr. Bob chose ‘LapamA rafting’ for us. They picked us up in the hotel with two cars. The location of our rafting is in Telaga Waja river, Muncan village, Karangasem. It is located around 60 kilometers from our hotel. Without traffic jam, we needed one and a half hour by car. The driver of the car where I was sitting at the front was very friendly. After leaving the heart of Kuta I realized that in fact Denpasar was not that crowded. J He explained the route to Sanur beach, Safari Park, etc on our way to Telaga Waja river.

For rafting, each of us was charged Rp. 270.000,00 (I got the information from internet though, Mr. Bob had paid for our rafting.) In order to get documentation of our activity, Mr. Bob asked LapamA rafting to have our pictures taken during rafting. And for that, they charged us Rp. 700.000,00 because there were 14 people in our group! WOW! Expensive, eh?

The rafting was really fun! Tiring, but it was worth it. Telaga Waja river is well-known as the best rafting place in Bali due to its high difficulty; the obstacles are rocks,bamboo bridges, falls, with its high density of water flow. The more positive side is the river is located in the middle of terraced paddy fields, plantation and tourists can see beautiful view of Agung mountain from the distance. The trek is 16 kilometers long and it needs two and a half hours to do the rafting. The most exciting part of the whole activity is the 5-meter fall where we have to jump while staying inside the boat!

For beginners, don’t worry because LapamA rafting provides trained guides in each boat. They also give brief instruction how to do it before we start. It is really fun and safe for those who love challenging outdoor activity.

After finishing the trek, we are provided with lunches where we seat ourselves in a strategic cottage so that we can spoil our eyes with beautiful scenery.

We left the village around 14.30 and arrived back at the hotel at 16.15. Mr. Bob didn’t give us long time to rest because we were asked to be ready in the lobby at 16.30 for the next destination : JIMBARAN BAY!

You will fall in love with everyone you meet in Jimbaran Bay, Nana,” Ms. Kerry said to me the previous morning. WOW.

One thing I could say : the sunset is really amazing! Peter complained, though, that the waves were not as high as the ones in Kuta beach. J Yes, Peter spent some time swimming in Jimbaran while waiting for our dinner to be prepared. Some people – me included – bought some yummy grilled corns. The other boys played ball.

For our dinner, Mr. Bob ordered grilled fish, vegetables (ca kangkung), steamed white rice, and some fruit for our dessert. Each of us got one bottle of 600 ml mineral water for our drink.

Before  19.00 we finished our dinner. We directly headed back to the hotel. On our way back, 8 students (Vito, Ellen, Retno, Aryo, Julio, Cecil, Peter, and Bella) and I dropped by at around Kuta square for shopping souvenirs. The four boys (Zulfan, Ryan, Alex and Samuel) and Restu were back to the hotel, together with Mr. Bob and Ms. Kerry. But then, they rented motorcycles to go around Kuta! J

The 8 students and I were walking along the road while shopping. That night we walked around 3-4 kilometers after the exhausting rafting in the morning! Great! J Again, it was really a good exercise to burn calories after we ate a lot in Jimbaran. J (Ups, Peter still bought some munches on our way. LOL.)

As two nights before, we went back to the hotel at 22.00. Bella, Ellen, and I directly fell asleep after we were back to our room.

To be continued :)

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