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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


How long have I been idle to write in my 'intellectual' blog located at ?
Several months have passed since I started working as a school teacher that is really time-consuming (as well as energy-consuming!)
I have been complaining to myself due to this. So many complaints (seeing the injustice that happens to the marginalized ...) have been crowding my mind.
But I can only complain because I am just a very bad time manager: I cannot manage my time well: teaching, teaching, and teaching, then reading, biking, swimming, and writing, not to mention my chores as Angie's mother (just imagine the abundant things a single parent must do).
And last two-week-end-of-year holiday, I COULD only write two articles ("Feminism" and "True woman = modern feminists?") I still cannot spare time to write my 'abundant ideas' triggered by watching INTO THE WILD, and about Irshad Manji, the Muslim feminist lesbian.
That's why what a surprise to find an email in my mailbox from someone I don't know personally, to congratulate me. What congratulation is for? Curious, I opened it. And ... A Fatih Syuhud, the 'king blogger' in Indonesia who 'found' my blog in 2006 and featured me in his blog, has selected the TOP TEN BLOGGER 2008. And ... my blog is in among those TOP TEN BLOGGER 2008.
W-O-W ...
Here is the link. Click it ...

I am obviously indebted to many bloggers--that I don't remember or even don't know--who have given the link to my blog in their blogs. The link apparently lead the visitors in their blog to visit my blog.
I am also indebted to those people who have visited my blog, for sure.


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