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Friday, January 02, 2009

New year resolution

In fact, I hardly ever make new year resolution. First time I made it by the end of 2004. Only one of them I made to come true, almost a year after that, due to my laziness. (And my being a perfectionist. A good friend labeled me. Well, she just valued me too highly, I believe.)
This year, what will I make for my new year resolution? Or a beuer question, why should I bother myself to make it this time?
Just to write in my blog, to be honest, since I'm a narcist. LOL.
To be a better Mom for my only daughter. If I can be one. :-)
To be a better daughter for my Mom. (I know I've made her disappointed in religiosity, since we have been in 'different boats' though still under the same flag. Because of the intellectual gap between us. I'm sorry to say this. But I can't help it. :-()
To bike more to reach any destination I go, to care the environment, since I'm not vegan, and gardening is not my cup of tea.)

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tikno said...

It's nice you want to be a good mother for your children and a good daughter for your mother.

Chinese proverb says "Parent is like your head and son/daughter is like your heart".

Happy New Year to you and your family.

johnorford said...

it's probably better to be honest with ur mom about religion...

good resolutions tho!! : )