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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Masih dalam euforia TOP TEN BLOGGER 2008. Ehem ... 
In in the previous post I wrote I was indebted to many bloggers who have given the link to my blog, as well as my blog visitors, absolutely I still have to thank many others.
At the first place, my ‘other half’, as my first audience of my writing. I started emailing him regularly in the middle of my writing thesis, especially the whole 2005. When I got stuck, writing him emails was the nice refreshing, starting from merely about ‘being trapped in the rain’, my activities as a college student, Sex and the City, our favorite serial, my trip from Jogja to Semarang by bus where I met a weirdo—for me, until more serious topic, such as my interpretation of THE HOURS movie, that he did not finish reading LOL (“It is boring, darling, I am sorry,” he said apologetically. LOL.), the first article I posted in my first blog (I ‘developed’ it from the email I sent him), life (where I questioned a so-called philosophical rhetoric “What God made this universe for?” I believed he found it boring too), the core of my thesis, about the phenomenon of woman madness in the middle of nineteenth century America, etc. My obligation to myself to read a lot to gather ideas to write more various emails to my ‘other half’ so that he would not get bored when reading my abundant emails. (But still he got bored with the very serious topic. LOL.)
Second, my own study at American Studies Graduate Program. The weekly assignments to write papers made me accustomed to write. After graduating, writing became the best medication for my restlessness.
Third, my darling Abang that has made me a ‘milder’ feminist.  Our long discussion via thousand word emails has a bit changed me from a somewhat radical feminist to be milder. I myself now sometimes find my writing ‘biting’ and maybe hostile toward men; especially those writings I posted before August 2006 (the time when out of the blue my Abang came into my life, and “offered friendship”, “Hey Na, your writing is awesome. Let us be friend.” LOL.) As one fan of my writing, he keeps supporting me to write. And when I get annoying comment from ‘imbeciles’, he is also the best one to ask for help, to write counter-comment, to ‘defend’ me. (That’s what having an Abang is for, right? LOL.)
Next, Fatih Syuhud who has found my blog and featured me as “the blogger of the week”. Until now we have never had any personal greeting to each other. LOL. He himself is a great blogger who is very diligent to write, and also visit many blogs, analyze them one by one, and using his own parameter (well, I don’t know whether there are a group of people behind his activity selecting “the blogger of the week”). I found his feature of my blog fascinating, knowing someone read my posts thoroughly and carefully, and then write about me. It is really fun to know how other people perceive me from reading my blog only. His broad-minded and open-minded characters (to ‘read’ me) have resulted in a post that I love.
One local newspaper whose articles (especially about women) often make me upset, signaling that the writers only know the surface of women movement, or the vision of the newspaper is still gender-biased. Because of that, I am triggered to write. (“True women = modern feminist?” is only one example.)
People around me—especially workmates, students, neighbors, as well as my family members—who have sometimes inspired me to write a certain issue. Some writings of mine are also sometimes inspired by some discussion in some mailing lists I join.
Absolutely I am also grateful to my biggest blessing from God, my Lovely Star. Silently she supports me to spend time to write, the time that sometimes she needs me to lend my ears to her. But as always, she is understanding. 
And many others I cannot mention one by one.
-- the narcissist Nana –
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Multibrand said...

Salam kenal dan selamat ya!
Blog Anda enak dilihat dan informatif pantas jadi yang terbaik.
Sebagai orang yang baru aktif nge blog 4 bulan terakhir saya perlu banyak belajar dari Anda.

A Feminist Blog said...

Thank you for dropping by and leaving this nice comment. :)

mad max said...

Sederhana tapi ruaaaar.... biasa, congratulation !

A Feminist Blog said...

Hi Max a.k.a Dwi Susilo ...
Thanks a lot. :)

workshop said...


de amoy said...

Wah blognya mba Nana sederhana tapi resik, enak dilihat. Isinya juga informatif, perlu banyak belajar dari Mbak Nana nih Moy. Makasih ya mbak dah ngasih inspirasi ke Moy, mudah-mudahan kalo dah dewasa nanti, Moy jg bisa seperti Mbak

A Feminist Blog said...

Thanks for 'Workshop'.

Also thanks for 'de amoy'.
It is an honor for me to inspire anybody to express themselves via writing.
Wish you all the best for your future yah?

idemen said...

serba part-time profilenya.
lam kenal

Anonymous said...

Badhe ndherek tepang Mbak Nana, maturkesuwun sampun kersa tilik lapak kula ing sebelah. Yours is simply inspiring. Keep up the good work, Sis. BTW, I am sure I have read some of your writings in some mailing list where I'm listed as member. Trully wonderful.