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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Condom for Women

Condom for women: solution or problem?

It is believed that wearing condom (for men) when doing ‘love sport’ will reduce the sensitivity of the penis so that it will reduce the satisfaction got by the wearer—men. Well, at least this is in Indonesia. Consequently, many men refuse to wear condom—both to protect themselves from the possibility to get sexual virus and to protect their partner from the same possibility, and also from the possibility to get pregnant. Therefore, the number of unwanted pregnancy and women’s vulnerability to get sexual disease is quite high in Indonesia.

It is also believed that to avoid the possibility to get pregnant is mostly women’s affair, and not men. Women must be available when some “alien things” planted in their body, such as implant, IUD, or consuming birth control pills. This results in women’s inconvenience in their body; such as the hormone engendered by implant and pills influence their up-and-down emotion, while physically, many women become obese, some others bleed for a long time every month and get skinny, some others get acne in their faces due to the changing hormone in their body. However, women do not have any other choice but do that – letting medical experts plant those alien things in their bodies or consuming pills – when they want to void pregnancy. Meanwhile to protect themselves from the possibility to get influenced by sexual disease, women do not have any choice because most men refuse to wear condom. The best choice is of course no sex at all. LOL. However, this must be very impossible to do because then men will use biased gender interpretation of women that those women who refuse to “serve” their husbands in bed will go to hell. (But there is no belief that men will go to hell when their wife wants to get sexual satisfaction and the husband refuses.)

Therefore, is the availability of condom for women for women’s privileges? They will really have high control for their own body?

I myself see it still as men’s privileges because they no longer need to bother themselves to “prepare anything” before doing ‘the love sport’. They can just come to bed, enjoy the sport, cum, and then snore. Women still have to bother themselves to do this and that. When the condom they wear leaks, they still have to take the risk—pregnancy.

Why is it always unfair?

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Anonymous said...

The Prophet said: "The most perfect Muslim in the matter of faith is someone who has excellent behavior; and the best among you are those who behave best toward their wives." Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 106.

So, wife and husband can discuss how to do things provided halal.

Dont worry. Islam is here to save everybody.

Rinda Puspasari said...

Dear Mbak Nana, salam kenal ya, saya Rinda, saya suka banget baca-baca tulisan mbak yang sangat feminis ini, mbak, saya baru aja buka web pribadi ini, yang bikin sisi feminisme saya terusik, menurut mbak gimana?