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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Referring to my post some days ago about “Polygamy” I got some comments in one blog of mine: similar comments I got some months ago—attacking me for not being well-read on Alquran; laughing at my narrow-minded way of thinking. I am of opinion that I had better not give a shit to those comments. :) My reason is simple: they don’t read my writing comprehensively; or they have been blinded by the indoctrination they got from their teachers/ulema that polygamy is for benefits of the both sides—husband and the previous wife. Therefore, they don’t want to open their mind for another way of interpreting this thing. And I will still stick to my opinion that polygamy can be interpreted as HARAM when this thing engenders bad things to, especially, people who are involved, the husband, the wives, and the children, and generally to society. Just refer to my previous writing if you want to find out why I am of opinion that polygamy can be interpreted as haram (in the teachings of Islam, if people do something considered as HARAM, they will be punished by God.)
Another comment said: “how dangerous the way of thinking of someone coz it is not always refer to the truth.”

What is TRUTH?

It is the TRUTH that in Alquran Allah stated that human beings are not created to be able to do things justly (Alquran Surah Annisa: 129). And the main requirement to practice polygamy is being just.
It is the TRUTH that Surah Annisa verse 3 was passed down to Prophet Muhammad after Muslim people were beaten in Uhud war. This means that practicing polygamy at that time was to help women whose husbands died in the war.

And people have to keep thinking so that they will survive. It is the TRUTH that many kinds of medicines have been created to cure illnesses because people THINK to save other people, or themselves. From people’s curiosity—so that they keep thinking now and again—people have invented many kinds of innovations to make their lives more comfortable than their predecessors.
And when people stop to think, they will die. This world will stop.

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jiwakitamerdeka said...

Dear respected sister,
Dalam Fiqh Islam, bab wudhu’ terdapat mengenai khauf. Khauf adalah sarung kaki yg lebih tinggi daripada buku lali dan di perbuat daripada kulit. Hukum asal mengambil wudhu’ dengan khauf ni adalah dengan menyapu air wudhu’ ke atas khauf di sebelah atas, bukan di bawahnya (tapaknya).

Mengapa kena sapu di sebelah atas, bukan di bawahnya? Padahal bahagian yg kotor adalah bahagian di bawahnya bukan di atasnya. Saidina Ali pernah berkata, “Kalau agama ini terbina atas logik akal, nescaya yang disapu khauf adalah ditapaknya.”

Oleh itu, dalam agama ini bukan semua perkara adalah berdasarkan logik akal. Contoh analoginya, macam mulut kita adalah bersih, tetapi kenapa muntah adalah najis, padahal muntah itu datangnya dari mulut.

Betulkah TRUTH bergantung semata-mata kepada THINKING kita? I mean the absolute Truth. Keep on thinking…

Whenever we have problems in anything: Ask the Experts. Jalan yang selamat, saya rasa. Setuju, sister?

A Feminist Blog said...

Ilmu itu tidak akan pernah mati, terus menerus bergulir, di atas langit selalu ada langit, kata orang bijak.
Ilmu-ilmu yang baru pun bermunculan, untuk lebih menyempurnakan ilmu-ilmu yang telah ada. Sebagai seorang feminis, aku mengacu ke pemikiran para feminis, dan karena aku seorang Muslim, maka aku gabungkan dengan pemikiran para feminis Muslim. Dan aku tidak setuju bahwa feminisme hanya milik orang Barat. NO!!!Feminisme milik semua orang, tidak Barat, tidak Timur, tidak non Muslim, tidak hanya Muslim saja.
Anyway, always thanks for dropping by at my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

'Afraid to be just' is not the same as 'not to be just'. If he has enough courage to do polyginy, he can do. It is also stated in Qur'an that if a husband can't be fully just in love, then at least he has to be just in the wealth, dowry, and estate aspects.

Although I'm in the opinion to allow polyginy, I agree that feminism is within Islam, too. Even the prophet is a feminist. Look at his example of doing household's stuff such as cleaning and fixing his own clothes although he has many wives.