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Friday, July 07, 2006

Sex, anyone?

I remember one topic I once discussed with Rick, some time in 1999, about his being upset why he often found chatters from countries where the majority of the pople are Islam adherents—including Indonesia—who always asked him a lot about sex. It seemed to them that nothing else was more interesting to talk about than sex.

I also remember when I often went online via IRC, some time in 1999-2000, I often found guys from Arab countries—e.g. Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, Turkey—that easily said to me that out of the blue they fell in love with me and then offered me to come to their countries to spend my holiday there, and for that they would send me the tickets, etc.

For the first topic, I related it to the perspective of people (that come from such countries) about sex: that sex is something taboo, dirty, sinful, etc. Something hidden like this always triggers people to feel curious to know more. However, those people feel shy to talk about that, and they don’t want to be considered as someone sinful (coz they are always haunted by the indoctrination they get from society), someone bad, etc. And they find internet as the best and safest place to find out about sex coz they can hide their identity, people don’t see them directly so that they can talk about anything. In the cyber world, they can fulfill their hunger and thirst on sex. After they go back to the real world, they “come back” again as “good” and “pious” people who consider that sex is something sinful, dirty, etc to conform the society’s norm.

For the second topic, I related it to the abusing idea proposed by the vice president of Indonesia that I mentioned in the previous post—encouraging Arabian tourists to come to Indonesia and “marry” the local girls only during their stay here and then divorce them after the visit is over. I just read a message from one mailing list I join about a special village in West Java (one province in Java island, Indonesia) that is popularly called as Kampung Arab (Arab village) located in Puncak, one hilly area with cool weather and beautiful green scenery. The nicknamed—Kampung Arab—was made coz there is some certain time during one whole year when many Arabian tourists coming there to “have fun”—alcohol and sex parties. Such “business” is not handled by the local people though—such as the hotels, the food, the guides, inluding providing girls for fun—it is carried out by professional people coming from the neighboring cities, such as Jakarta. The local municipality already complained about it but they cannot do much coz those tourists donate much money to develop some infrastructure.

If I blend the first and the second topic, these Arabian tourists in their native country must conform to their society’s norm—that sex is something embarrassing and sinful. However, they cannot control the natural call that sex is something humane and natural and they need that. And as a result, they look for the so-called paradise somewhere else, not in their own countries.

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