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Friday, July 07, 2006


Another hot topic to be discussed in the mailing list is this “contract marriage”. Some “hypocritical” people don’t call such practice as a prostitution coz the marriage is done properly according to Islamic law—the dowry paid, the ulema, and the witness. It means that the wedding is legal so that sex done after that cannot be categorized as prostitution.

They seem to forget that when doing anything, the most important thing is the intention (in Arabic we call it as “nawaitu”).

It is clearly seen that the practice of such marriage is only to legalize sex, and not really to create a “sakinah” family (sakinah => pious), the one thing believed as the most important when two people get married.

When people just play with such rules, how can they be sure that what they do is blessed by God, meaning not generate sin?

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sunardi said...

Contract marriage is just like a lying witness or lying statement.

That's own my opinion.

A Feminist Blog said...

Sunardi, thanks for the comment.
Of course I agree with you that contract marriage is just a bull shit. :)