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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love on Valentine's Day

This semester I happen to handle ‘value education’ subjects in some classes, from grade three until grade six. So far, we have discussed some various topics, such as healthy food, talents, dream jobs, hobbies, pets, kind of friends they love to have, until love.

When discussing ‘love is ...’ in grade 6 some weeks ago, I found some funny and unpredictable answers from my students.

“Love is yucky ...” one male student exclaimed.

“Love is not appropriate for kids, it is only for adults,” another student answered.

“Love is icky!” another student remarked.

But there are also some ‘nice’ answers, such as

“Love is romantic, it is about two hearts united together,” a pretty student said.

“Love is understanding,” another female student sweetly said.

The most unpredictable answer was, “love brings pain!” a male student wrote it.

However when I led the discussion to love between parents and children, everybody agreed that love is great.
Nearing Valentine’s Day, last week I asked my students to make a Valentine’s card from a very simple material: one piece of blank white paper. Before asking them to do that, I said that love is the core of all values, to make a better and more peaceful world. You can guess many of them made the card for their parents. Some others made it for their classmates (by writing ‘I love you as friends’), some others made for their siblings, and some made for themselves.  and one student made it for his adorable female classmate.

Below are some impressive, funny and touching writings in the cards. I don’t mention the names though.

1.    (a 6th grader):
I hope you get a soul mate. Tips for broken heart /a/ just sit in the porch /2/ drink coffee and eat biscuits. Happy Valentine’s Day

2.    (a 4th grader):
Dear friends, happy valentine’s day! Sorry, I didn’t give chocolate to you, I’m so sorry. Is that ok? I hope so. But thank you so much to cheer me up when I’m sad. Love. I.

3.    (a 5th grader):
To my pet, Y. (she wrote a name of one classmate). Thank you for torturing me this year! :) Remember,  I had fed you like a pet. Also being in the bathroom just for you to take a bath, but I still love my REAL pet. Arrrgghhh ...
And the last is for my fat Grandma and bony Grandpa.

Thanks for making me angry every day because you like to tease! But I still like your cooking, though I’m curious when you hug me because I think you’re just playing a drama that you love me but in fact you don’t. Still, you are my only fattest cuddly grandma.

And for my Grandpa, thanks for giving me everything I want, but it’s just, you’re very scary when you are angry. Just don’t be that EMOTIONAL.

4.    (a 6th grader)
To my sister. Thank-you list.
  1. Thank you for being there for me even when I’m sick
  2. Thank you for cheering me up when I’m down in the mouth
  3. Thank you for being annoying (sometimes)
  4. Thank your for your generosity (even sometimes it’s useless)
  5. Thank you sista.
5.    (a 6th grader)

Hearts for the girl I adore, my favorite girl. Happy valentine’s day, xxxx the girl I love.

6.    (a 6th grader)
Happy valentine’s day. To my Mom.
Thank you for your love and care for me.
Thank you for the protection for this journey of mine.
Thank you for the lucky life I have from the live you gave.
Your son.

7.    (a 5th grader)
To my DAD who like to disturb me with NO REASON! And MOM!
Anyway, thanks for letting me play games! And for accompanying me to ride roller coasters. You’re the best DAD I could ever have. But your pinch was really hurt. But I love you DAD. But why do you even like to disturb me?
Mom, I have questions for you!
Why are you angry with me when my brother disturbs me?
Why do you always play with your BB when I’m asking you something and you get angry?
Mom, I love you but you like to force me to do things I don’t wanna do!

8.    (a 6th grader)
with love from me.
To my beloved family that includes: parents, grand parents, cousins, uncle and aunt: have a lovable valentine’s day! Hugs and kisses. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.
The fact that I took most samples from grade 6 students is because there are more students in grade 6 () and also because they are more creative in expressing themselves (due to their age)? In other classes, they wrote almost similar things.

There will always be nice stories to share on Valentine’s Day, do you agree?

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Some comments from my other blogsite

rudal2008 wrote on Feb 13
Selamat hari Valentine ya......
afemaleguest wrote on Feb 13
rudal2008 said
Selamat hari Valentine ya......
thank you Rud,
happy Valentine's Day for you too ya?
onit wrote on Feb 13
thx for sharing..
yep interesting writing.. quite diverse & creative :)
afemaleguest wrote on Feb 13
they are really unpredictable by me :)
rembulanku wrote on Feb 13
duitku habis buat beli coklat murahan untuk temen2
tapi bukan dalam valentin
sekedar ungkapan terima kasih krn mereka sudah menerimaku dan bersedia jadi temanku :D
afemaleguest wrote on Feb 13
wahhh ... tapi juga dapat coklat sebagai balasan kan ya La? :)
rembulanku wrote on Feb 13
wahhh ... tapi juga dapat coklat sebagai balasan kan ya La? :)
ucapan terima kasih dan minta lagi :((
afemaleguest wrote on Feb 14
ucapan terima kasih dan minta lagi :((
huuaaaa??? ^_^
rembulanku wrote on Feb 13
happy valentine mbak Nana :D
afemaleguest wrote on Feb 13
sama-sama ya La, happy valentine ...
lebih baik menyebar cinta dari pada benci kan ya?
dinantonia wrote on Feb 13
Agree :D
afemaleguest wrote on Feb 13
ouch :-P

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