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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sure you can ask me personal questions (1)

Nana Podungge is my name.
Well, I was born in Semarang, but both of my parents are from Gorontalo, North Sulawesi.
Yup, I got my family name from my parents. Both of them happen to be Podungge; in fact they are cousins.
I am a teacher, especially an English teacher.
The most interesting thing from my profession? Well, I love sharing knowledge I have, and love to know my students’ experience too, so there is a kinda exchanging knowledge between us.
I love reading, writing, blogging, listening to music, biking, and swimming. In fact swimming is my most favorite sport although since I bike to work, I don’t go swimming regularly anymore.
Blogging? Ya you can say this is my most favorite pastime. I have loved writing since I was a kid. Blogging has enabled me to expose my writings so that other people can read my writings too. (I am absolutely a narcissist for this. LOL.) Moreover after I was awakened by feminist ideology, blogging has obviously helped me a lot to express my anxiety.
Wanna know my blogsites? Easy. Just type NANA PODUNGGE in any search engine, google, yahoo, or any other. You’ll be led to my blogsites.
Single or married? Hmm … do you think I look like a single or married woman? LOL.
My favorite reading is JURNAL PEREMPUAN. One favorite book of mine is SI PARASIT LAJANG written by Ayu Utami.
I was born and raised in Java island so my favorite dish is Javanese food, such as ‘pecel’, ‘gudangan’. I also like fried rice and ‘kwetiau’.
My favorite drink is coffee. The second is tea. The third is orange juice. No, I don’t like soda drink. :) Well, I don’t think I am a coffee addict, though. :-d
SPB 09.30 120609

This is 'kwetiau'. :)


johnorford said...

what is kwetiau?

A Feminist Blog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Feminist Blog said...

Kwetiau is a kind of noodle. Here, I inserted the picture of it in this post.

triesti said...

kwetiau is a thick rice noodle

nana, how do u define secular muslim that is even agnostic?

A Feminist Blog said...

Hello Triesti,
long time no see. And you directly gave me hard homework. LOL.
I underwent some time when I thought God did not exist. Some other time, I thought differently. Well, this is my fool explanation. LOL.

triesti said...

nana, what makes u then think that god is exist?

i've been around.. but managed to take a look on ur site from time to time tho

A Feminist Blog said...

This is really hard question, Triesti.
I do hope I can spare some time to contemplate on it, and write about it.