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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fortune Teller

Do you believe in fortune-teller?
I am in between. I mean sometimes I believe in it sometimes I don’t. I remember that ‘what your zodiac says’ column used to be my favorite in a magazine or a newspaper during my younger years. However, I also remember that I would remember it very well when that column talked about bad thing for me. For example, when it said, “Something bad will happen to you this week.” I would not live peacefully the whole week, worriedly awaiting what bad thing would happen to me. On the contrary, when it said something good, let’s say, “There will a new guy having a crush for you,” I would not really pay attention to it. Always the bad thing haunted me.
Therefore, gradually I tried to control my mind not to really pay attention to it anymore. I just wanted to live more peacefully without feeling worried excessively.
Several days ago my sister attended her friend’s wedding. She also came to that friend’s house the night before the wedding. Javanese call it “malam midodareni”. My sister was accompanying the bride together with another friend. Let us give her an initial R. In fact R can read someone’s palm’s hand. My sister playfully asked R to read her palm to read her future. One thing R said to my sister, that has been bothering my mind, was: “I am sorry to say that you don’t have a long life.”
Surprisingly my sister commented, “Well, I have known about that. Once I went to West Java with some friends of mine from PRANIC HEALING group, we dropped by at one Chinese temple in Lembang. I tried my luck to see my future because there was the way to do it. I found out that I would not have a long life.”
I was shocked to hear that. Absolutely we don’t know how long is a long life, how short is a short life. How many years is the life for someone in average? Sixty, seventy, eighty, or more than that? When a good friend of mine said to me that he was already ‘old’, while he was only forty-nine years old (he will be 50 years old this August 20), I protested, “Gerontologists said that someone is considered to enter old age when the life expectancy is 10 years later.”
“Well Nana, nobody knows how old we will die. So, how can we say that we are entering old age because we know that we only have 10 years again to live?” he protested.
“That’s it. Don’t say that you are old then. As long as we still have spirit to live this life, to go on struggling, why should we say that we are already old?” I commented.
“Well, my mother is more than ninety years old now. If I can expect to live until that age, it means I am still young now.” he said. LOL.
Going back to my chat with my sister, I reminded her of one Chinese serial we used to watch in video. I don’t remember the title. I just remember that one of the characters in the film was “destined” to live not until twenty years old. The parents read her palm to find out about it. Therefore all the family members always tried their best to protect this girl. They expected that the girl would go on living until more than twenty years of age with the family protecting her.
One day, no matter how carefully the family protected her, the girl fell down into a ravine exactly on her birthday of twenty. Everybody cried because they thought, “At last, she came to the end of her life.” However, a miracle happened. The girl didn’t really fell into the deep ravine. A tree with its branches had saved her life. She fell into the tree. Quickly the family helped lift her above the ravine. Quickly they checked the palm. There they saw a longer line, the line that signs how long someone’s life in the world is. It means the accident made that line longer, that means (again) she would have a longer life than just twenty years old.
My own experience after taking a look at the lines in my palm, I have seen some new lines, some longer lines too. For the special line that people say shows ‘education’, it became longer after I graduated from my master’s degree.
When telling this to my sister, I wanted to tell her indirectly that I didn’t really believe with what R said that my sister would not have a long life. But still, I keep being bothered with it until now. That’s why I am writing this.
PT56 11.09 130807


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