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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Erotic dream, anyone?

In her article “How not to have sex with your friend”, Ayu Utami mentioned two possible reasons why out of the blue some people get the urge to have sex with their friends. First, because of alcoholic influence; second, having erotic dreams.

The question is: have you ever had erotic dreams with your friend(s)? The following question is: How could this kind of dream come into our sleep?

How about the first cause? Well, I have never tried any alcoholic drink so that I don’t know whether this kind of drink can really weaken the center of the brain whose function to control ourselves. LOL.

Several weeks ago when awake one morning, suddenly I realized that I had an erotic dream with one of my workmates. I was surprised to remember that. Why him? In my opinion he belongs to the loyal type of husband, with big control to himself. He is also the pious type. (read  pious type is referred to those who have big control of their emotion, passion, and sort of things, so in my opinion, a pious person will not have any idea to flirt other women. If we still find a “pious” person who cannot control himself, it means that he is just “fake”. LOL. If a “pious” person still greedily enjoys looking at other women, it means he even just abuses his religion. )

It was really an accident for me to have that dream. LOL. I don’t think I need to write the details of the dream, right? LOL.

If referring to the psychoanalytical theory saying that dream is the way out of what we keep in our subconsciousness, can I say that in my subconsciousness, I have ever wanted something erotically with that workmate of mine? LOL. I must say that this theory is wrong. I have never thought of that possibility. I have never consumed any alcoholic drink either that probably will “help” trigger that erotic want to come out of its hiding place. LOL.

In episode 7 season 5 of “Sex and the City” with the title “The Big Journey”, Carrie told her good friends about her want to have sex badly. She mentioned of her going to San Fransisco on a book tour, to promote her book, and perhaps to meet Big, her ex boyfriend. When Miranda gave her a stern look, Carried said, “Guys, I need to have sex. It has been too long. Lately I have been having dreams where I run up to complete strangers and I just start kissing them.”

I am of opinion that the psychoanalytical theory is properly applied in Carrie’s case. She wanted to have sex badly so that it appeared in her dream. Instead of doing it with a complete stranger, she chose to travel across the country to meet her ex boyfriend to get laid.

And I still don’t find the answer why I had such an erotic dream with a workmate of mine. If I could choose, I would rather have erotic dreams with complete strangers, just like what Carrie had. LOL. I don’t need to feel awkward when seeing that workmate of mine at the office after the dream. LOL.

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spew-it-all said...

It is fine actually to dream of your workmates. I don't want to work hard to overanalyse such dream. You get up and realised that you had a wierd dream, well it is a dream anyway. Then get on with the rest of the day.

A Feminist Blog said...

LOL. Well, I just want to write something for my blog, actually. :)
Thanks anyway for dropping by and leaving a comment here.

Anonymous said...

Dreams are not controlled by ourselves. Dreams are dreams. But do not follow dreams by purposely doing it physically.

Sex is not all in this life. Do it right.