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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Women in Patriarchal Culture

Read one ridiculous article in the following website:

Do you agree that a woman bribes her husband with luxurious things for love?

What do you think of a woman who is willing to buy her husband a luxurious car only to sleep with her? I am of opinion that the woman is ridiculously silly and the man acts like a gigolo.

Why are those women willing to do ridiculous things only to make their husbands treat them lovingly, kiss, touch, and make love with them as enthusiastically as during their honeymoon?

My answer is: They just downgrade themselves.

Is it fully their mistake? NO.

Unfortunately they live in a community that put men’s position very high and women are put in a very low position. This imbalance is wrapped by strict (but wrong) religious indoctrination. Have you ever heard misleading hadith saying that if children’s heaven is under the mother’s feet, while women’s heaven is under the husbands’?

Just look again how Prophet Muhammad treated his wives, especially his first wife, Khadijah. He adored her very much.

This is also supported by kind of culture that adores marriage. By getting married, a Muslim has done one so-called sunnah encouraged by Prophet Muhammad. Marriage is considered as the only gate to get worldly and heavenly happiness. This makes many women let themselves hurt mentally and psychologically (and sometimes physically) as long as they still live in a marriage.

Besides, wrong interpretation of Surah Annisa verse 3 as to encourage men to practice polygamy (instead of prohibiting men to do that) has made women worried that their husband will marry another if they do not serve their husbands well, although the husbands treat them bad. Believing such an interpretation as what God truly has said to human beings without reserved has made many women afraid to question the just treatment between man and woman.

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Roelus Hartawan said...

Nice N important posting. kenapa ga ditulis dalam bahasa indonesia? masih banyak perempuan Indonesia yang terkungkung dalam cengkraman budaya patriarkhis. still a very nice blog anyway. keep on blogging!