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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Women ...

The following short dialog happened in the teachers’ room of my workplace.

“Why do more women suffer from anorexia and bulimia, and not men?” a friend asked the question she asked her students in her class some days ago.

I disliked to hear her say that again because last Saturday, we already discussed it. What the hell made her say that again, in front of more workmates of ours?

Perhaps now I am in the middle of PMS—although I hate to use this as an excuse—so that I easily “blew up”.

I responded, “More women suffer from anorexia and bulimia, but not men. It is because of the pressure of society that women must look their best, slim, and not fat. The pressure of the mean society is strengthened by many advertisements on printed or electronic media about ideal body of women.”

Some workmates laughed to hear me say so. Did they think I was just joking?

The same workmate who mentioned the above question said, “My male students answered, “Because men are everything.” And then she giggled.

I replied (the same response I said to her last Saturday when only both of us discussed it), “Men are everything? Including being crazy? Lazy? Irrational because they say women are irrational creature only with the reason that we were born as women?” I said it with a very fierce tone. LOL.

A male workmate seemed to dislike to hear me say so. He responded, “No matter how the condition of a man is, fat or thin, tall or short, ugly or good-looking, still MEN ARE EVERYTHING.” (The emphasis is from me. LOL.)

Suddenly I remember a good friend’s suggestion, (“Don’t lose your temper easily!”) I didn’t respond that male workmate, and left the teachers’ room quickly. Besides, the bell had rung so that I had to go to class as soon as possible.

During the break, that annoying male workmate said something about women who speak up as bitch, I didn’t comment. I even didn’t turn to him. He couldn’t provoke me. LOL.

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