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Monday, February 13, 2006


Some months ago, a friend of mine said to me, “Nana, last weekend I had a wonderful sex with my hubby. Do you know what he said while we were doing it? He said, “Don’t you know my darling wife that your pussy is the most “delicious” one?” She went on saying, “ Men are always good in flirting, aren’t they?”

I smiled to hear that. I thought, when someone used “superlative” here, he must have tried more than one thing, right? However, I was being nice not to say to her, “Don’t you realize that by saying that, your hubby has done with many other women? That he has tried many other pussies?” LOL.

Some weeks ago, another friend told me about her spending New Year’s Eve in Singapore with her hubby. Orchard Road was full of sexy and pretty girls with minimalist clothes. LOL. My friend said to her hubby, “Honey, look at those girls. Don’t you think that they are very sexy?” Her hubby’s comment was curt, “They taste the same as yours, darling.”

Jokingly, I commented, “Well, if your hubby said so, it means that he has tried theirs so that he could say that theirs is just the same as yours.” LOL.

My friend got dumbfounded to hear that. But then she laughed and said, “Well, mbak, later, I will talk to my hubby about that. Mbak Nana said, “if you know that theirs tastes the same as mine, it means that you have tasted them.” LOL.

I was in Yogya at that time, and she lived in the same boarding house with mine. She is from Sumatra. Now I am back to my hometown, Semarang. I don’t keep in touch with her any longer coz her mobile phone was just stolen before I moved back to Semarang. I don’t know whether she has “reported” to her hubby about my comment. LOL.

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